Egyptian words in Kannada and Tamil – Part 2

V. Krishnakumar

Still editing …

While studying Egyptian words in Budge’s Egyptian Hieroglyphic dictionary [49], I found to my surprise a good number of words in Tamil and Kannada quite similar to the Egyptian. I did a little more systematic study of the Dictionary; the following table is the outcome of this study. The comparison of words is not very straight-forward. However the similarity becomes obvious once certain approximations are made. We have stated the approximations that we have made as a set of rules below. The set of rules for approximations are quite natural since we need the same set for comparing the two Dravidian languages Tamil and Kannada themselves.

Rule 1: Egyptian hieroglyphs lack vowels [29], hence we have freedom to choose the vowels.

Rule 2: Tamil has just one symbol for all the consonants in each of the ‘Vargas’ that is,

a. ‘Ka’ stands for ‘Ka’, ‘Kha’, ‘Ga’ and ‘Gha’

b. ‘Cha’ stands for ‘Cha’, ‘Chha’, ‘Ja’ and ‘Jha’

c. ‘Ta’ stands for ‘Ta’, ‘Tta’, ‘Da’ and “Dda’

d. ‘Tha’ stands for ‘Tha’, ‘Ttha’, ‘Dha’ and ‘Ddha’

e. ‘Pa’ stands for ‘Pa’, ‘Pha’, ‘Ba’ and ‘Bha’

Apart from this, ‘Sa’, ‘Sha’ in Tamil are represented by ‘Cha’.

It may be noted that this transformation is needed for mapping words between Kannada and Tamil.

Rule 3: In Tamil certain accentuations are written linear. For example Krishna as Kirushna, Prabhakar as Pirabhakar.

Rule 4: In some of the Kannada dialects ‘h’ at the beginning of the word is silent, for example the word ‘halli’ meaning a village is pronounced as ‘alli’.


For the Egyptian words: the case of the vowels is preserved as in [49]

For the Kannada and Tamil words: upper case indicates Deergha Svara, the lowercase Hruswa Svara.

Page number as in Budge [49] Egyptian word from Budge [49] Meaning from Budge [49] Similar sounding Kannada or Tamil words Meaning of the Kannada or Tamil word of the previous column Similar sounding English word
10 asta to tremble asi(K) to tremble
10 ash, asher evening astha(K) (sun)set
10 ast ground, earth sitha(K) earth
10 ast clay, earth, chalk(?), potters clay sitha(K) earth
11 aku-t boil, blains, sores, pustules, any inflamed swelling kutthu(T) calamity
11 aku-t boil, blains, sores, pustules, any inflamed swelling kutthu(T) (a part of the body) pierced
11 aqa steps, height, a high place akhada(K) stadium, gallery
11 aqa steps, height, a high place Akasha(K) sky
11 aqem to be sad gumm(T) to be sad
12 agg-t a plant, a shrub gida(K) a plant, a shrub, a bush
12 akraut wagons gAdi(K) any vehicle, a cart, a wagon
12 ageb knee cup(E), cap(E)
12 at, atu a happy time with the women Adu(K), Ad(T) play
12 atu injury, harm Aetu(K), adi(T) injury, harm, wounded
12 at violence, wrath hodi(K), adi(T) beat, hit, violence
12 at rebel, prisoner attahasa(KT) trouble maker, a person who freaks out
12 att destitute, poor, possessing nothing attu(K) to be thrown out, to be necked out
13 at-t bed, diwan, couch, bier matthe(T) bed
13 at-t bed, diwan, couch, bier atta attic attic
13 at standard, perch, resting place of a god or divine statue adu(T) any place or region
13 atit to nurse, nurse athithi(KT) geust
13 athput burden, load hotthu(K), adathu(T) bear a load
13 atf incense, spices, sweet unguents attharu(K) perfume
13 at-t high backed, stiff-necked att-(thaku)(T) (being) high
13 ateb land, region dibba(K), dibbu(T) mound, rising ground
13 athu air, wind kAthu(T) air, wind
13 atep to load, to be laden, master of a load Dhappa(T) fat, obese
14 atu to run, flee, to make one’e escape Odu(KT) to run
14 atch calamity adch(K) something has stricken or hit
14 atcha a bad act, wickedness, guile, fraud adcha(T) (something) hit (me), (he) hit (me)
14 atcha chip of wood, splinter adcha(T) breah into pieces
14 atchait fraud, injustice, wickedness adcchindh(T) that which has been hit
15 a he who, that which A he who, that which, that
15 aa-t old woman AtthA(T) mother, mother goddess
15 aa-t old woman atthae(K) aunt aunt(E)
15 aa-t she who embraces, nurse AtthA(T) mother, mother goddess
15 au to come ba(K), va(T) come
15 Aa-t the name given to the sections of the kingdom of Osiris , the 14 Aats Adhimam(K) Lord Shiva’s monastery (curiously Shiva has 14 Jyothirlinga temples)
15 aa-t cattle aadu(KT) goat goat(E)
15 aa-t cattle atthu(K), adhuru(T) ox
15 aa-t bounds(?), limits(?) adda(K) to keep something in the way
15 aa-t bounds(?), limits(?) atanthu(T)[207] bound
16 aa boat amram(T) boat
16 aa-ti columns, two supports Adanisu(K) support, prop up
17 aau to be old, old aayu(S), aayassu(K) age, old
18 aaut old woman avva(K), avvai(T) old woman old(E)
18 aabi left, the left side, left foot, the left eye of heaven, the moon aeda(KT) left
18 aabti  left, eastern (the symbol for this word is waves) abdhi(K) sea (the symbol indicates the meaning could be sea aswell- also Egypt has sea only on its east)
19 aabb to love, to desire, to wish appu(k) to hug, to desire, to seek
19 aabb to love, to desire, to wish anbu(T) love
19 aabi to lack, to want, to come to an end, to cease, to finish aayipo(T) to get over, finished
19 aab to burn, to flare up, to burn off, to brand abbara(K) to create a scene, to raise a loud noise
19 aabekh to pierce, to penetrate, to force a way among or into, to be permeated with, mingled peck(E)
20 aapata a baked cake chaapada(T) lunch
20 aapata a baked cake chapaathi(K), sappathi(T) an Indian bread
20 aapata a baked cake pata(KT) a lamina
20 aapata a baked cake chappate(K) a flat surface
20 aapata a baked cake appala(K) papad
20 aam, aama a kind of tree, date palm(?) aamra(K)[209] mango tree mango(E)
20 aama to be pleasant, to be benevolent, to be gracious Ama(T) yes, to answer in the affirmative
20 Aamit the gracious goddess Hathor mata(KT) goddess mother, matron
21 Aamit a goddess amari(K) goddess
21 aam-t house, tent, camp, station Hamu(mT) house home(E)
21 aam-t house, tent, camp, station matha(K) sanctuary, hermitage, monastery
21 aaru forms, transformations mAru(padu)(K), mAru(T) transform
21 aaru reeds Ar(T) sharpness
21 aaru reeds ark(T) to cut
21 aaru reeds hari(K) to tear
21 aaru reeds shara(KT) reeds
21 aar lion aar(K) roar
21 aar a kind of bird hAru(K), paaru(T) (in many cases, the first letter ‘h’ of the Kannada words is dropped in pronunciation by the native people) to fly
21 aartiar a kind of bird haartiya(K) you who flies’
21 Aarait Uraeus-goddess aravu(T) snake (typically as the suffix ‘t’ is added to denote a female in Egyptian the earlier part ‘aara’ could denote just uraeus)
22 aakhi to flourish, to burst into flower, to bloom higgu(K) to bloom, to expand, to burst out
23 Aakhu the Light-god; the Great Light i.e the sun arka(K) sun
26 aat speech(?) aadu(K) speak
26 aatha what is this? oodhu(mT) what is this?
27 aat-t ground, place, region, field, meadow aatha(T) home
27 aa, aai to wash, to bathe, to dip in water meeyu(K) to bathe
27 aatu foes, enemies aedhurei(K) enemy, opponent, foe
27 aatchn disc dashe(K) aura
27 aamiu kinsfolk amiable(people)(E)
127 ant calamity, trouble antha(K) to come to an end, destruction
127 ant destitute man anatha(K), anathe(T) orphan, destitute person
127 ansh to live, life amsha(KT) essence
126 ankh-t staff, stick, stalk onake(K) staff, stick
125 Ankhit a uraeus-goddess nAgi(KT) a female snake goddess
124 ankh “ever living”, a title of gods and kings anka(K)  a title, a name
126 ankh a god’s title anka(K)  a title, a name
126 ankh to swear an oath, to swear by the life of god, to swear by the life of pharaoh Ane, (devar)Ane, (avan)Ane to swear an oath, to swear (by the life of god), to swear (by the life of a person)
124 ankh “ever living”, a title of gods and kings anigAla(K) forever
127 ant part of a fowling net net(E)
127 ant deeds of violence nondha(K) pain, sorrow, sadness
127 ant to cut, to slay nondha(K) pain, sorrow, sadness
128 ant ground, field, soil, cultivated lands nAdu(KT) land, region, place
128 ant fat, grease, manure, unguent, fresh grease antu(KT) grease, any sticky substance, unguent
128 antch the tip of a wing anchu(K), anthu(K) the tip or edge of anything
128 antch claw, talon, nail anchu(K), anthu(K) the tip or edge of anything
128 antch light, radiance, splendour minchu(KT) shine, sparkle
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