I am V. Krishnakumar. My areas of research are religion, philosophy and history, in particular Indian history in relation to the evolution of Hindu religion and caste system, and through this the study of racial movements from, to and within India. I collaborate with my parents A. M. Adhyapak and N. M. Krishnakumar. A significant number of our ideas have evolved while we traveled in India and Nepal, visited several hundreds of ancient temples and monuments, and met people of different practices and cultures.


2 Responses to About

  1. Manju Regi says:

    Dear Sir, this site is a real wonder, an intellectual journey through the space of history!!! Thanks a lot. A fascinating and bold attempt. I have one point to raise. In Kerala a place near Kochi is identified to be ancient port city of Musiris and researchers say that the name came from Muchiripattanam. But the name of Egypt is Musiri even now also. Is the name Musiris came from the name of Egypt. Grateful if may give a reply. – Manju, Kochi

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