Gods: Introduction

Comparison of Gods of Egypt and India 

In the next few articles, we compare Egyptian and Indian gods. Typically, each Egyptian god has attributes that are shared by several Indian gods and vice versa. This is possible because, the attributes have multiple origins. Some attributes might have come out of fear of natural forces, some others out of fear of diseases, some out of thought of origin of life and universe and so on. Thus, some of the attributes might have come independently in both the place that is Egypt and India, some out of interaction. We do not try to explore the origin of attributes for any of the gods. We simply compare the gods and list what are their commonalities. Our aim is to see if something is strikingly common between the two places, that adds to our claim that Egypt influenced India.

In the next few articles on gods, for each Egyptian god that we discuss, we provide the Indian counterparts at two levels wherever required, those that look important to us or strongly comparable called as “Major mappings”, and those that are less important, “Minor mappings”.

However, there are occasions when the opposite mapping looks better. That is, many Egyptian gods map to one Indian god; on such occasions, we have included them all in one section.


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